Monday 27th March

Ambassadors created questions that will be used to ask the whole school. Theses will be linked to their own views on E-safety at home and at school, and includes questions about what they would do if they saw something that made them unhappy/ if this has happened already.

Ambassadors will create this questionnaire using Kahoot and allow children to answer this in their Computing lessons and at home. Results to follow after the Easter holidays.

Next E-Safety Meeting: Monday 15th May. See you there!


Next E-Safety Meeting: Monday 27th March. See you there!

6th February

Run through of assembly. Miss Higson will not be here so Miss Lieberman and Mr Tarry will be in charge of the assembly and help the ambassadors with their presentation.


23rd January

Miss Higson, Mr Hope and all ambassadors present.

We discussed Safer Internet Day which is coming up – Tuesday 6th February 2017.

It was decided that the E-Safety Ambassadors will deliver an assembly on 09.02.17 for Safer Internet Day and PSHE activities will involve S.I.D. links based on the theme.

There will be a brief meeting on 06.02.17 to go over the assembly again.


7th December

Miss Higson , Mr Hope , Etienne, Ellie , Ahmad, Elysia- Jade, Ryan , Lanay , Che , Areej (absent) , Stella , Natasha , Lily , Kwame , Lucy and Rayan are all present.

In this meeting we talked about the poem competiton and changed the deadline to the 16th December. We looked at the blog and how we could get more children online.


29th June

Mr Boyer, Miss Higson and Mr Hope present with all Ambassadors.

Discussed marking criteria for the karaoke competition.

Looked at the E-safety policy and AUA. New digital permission form to go out in September with AUA.

Parents will need to discuss AUA with children and sign to say they have discussed this.

Songs will be judged on the following:

Lyrics relating to staying safe online
Quality of performance

15th June

Miss Higson and Mr Hope present with all Ambassadors. Mr Boyer absent.

New competitions discussed – date for karaoke competition is Monday 20th July. Ambassadors will be judging this competition.

Date of E-safety Mark assessment is Thursday 2nd July.

Discussion of the schedule for the day.

11th May

No meeting due to SATs week.

27th April

Mr Boyer, Miss Higson and Mr Hope present with all Ambassadors.

Issues in the ICT suite/ maintenance was discussed ready to pass back to classes.

Some headphones have become damaged over time and need replacing.
Link to blog site is down but Creative Blogs have been notified.
If anyone else has gone on your computer you must tell the teacher.
Children to make a log of everything they do that relates to e-safety over the next 2 weeks and pass back ready for next meeting.

23rd March

Mr Boyer, Miss Higson and Mr Hope present with all Ambassadors.
New points for Acceptable User Agreement agreed upon. These will be sent out to all children throughout school for the start of the new academic year.

There will be 2 different AUA’s, YEar 3 and 4 and Year 5 and 6. This is to help the younger children by making it easier to understand and to include the use of image searching for 5 and 6.

Points to be included in the AUA:

 I will only use ICT in school for school purposes.
 I will only use my class email address when the teacher says, (only accessible within school)
 I will only open/delete my own files.
 I will keep my usernames and passwords secure.
 I will make sure that I am responsible, polite and sensible when contacting people on electronic devices.
 I will not deliberately look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant or nasty. If I accidentally find anything like this I will tell my teacher immediately and turn my screen off.
 I will not give out my own details such as my name, phone number or home address.
 I will be responsible for my behaviour when using ICT because I know that these rules are to keep me safe.
 I will support the school approach to online safety and not upload or add any images, video, sounds or text that could upset any member of the school community.
 I know that my use of ICT can be checked and that my parent/ carer will be contacted if a member of school staff is concerned about my E-Safety.
 I will report anything that I think is wrong or has upset or worried me, to a member of staff, Mrs Stallman, a friend or family member. I also know I can report any bad behaviour or thing that upsets me to the Police, CEOP website or by pressing the report button on the school blog site.

9th March

All members present.
We discussed the new Acceptable User Policy for children and what we thought children should agree to and try to follow. Ideas to be sent to your Ambassador ready for our next meeting.

16th February

All members present. Competition entries showed to all members. Ambassadors decided on which posters displayed an important message for pupils to see around school and then voted on their favourite one.
Winners to be announced by members in the next Friday assembly and prizes to be given.

10th November

All members present.
Session started with informing children of updates to the school blog site – calendar is up to date and there has been a ‘report it’ button added to the tabs at the top. This was to make the method of reporting clearer to those who might need it.

We discussed another competition and it was decided that the e-safety karaoke would become an annual competition (to win the Golden Mouse!) because children loved it so much and were able to reinforce their knowledge of e-safety rules and ways to keep safe.

Then we planned another 2 competitions. Ideas were discussed and voted upon. Ambassadors to inform children of these when they go back to class. One competition is to design the school’s screen saver. This must display at least one way to keep safe, and be bright and colourful for all the computers.
The second competition includes designing a poster for e-safety that can be displayed around school. There will be a separate prize for this competition. The closing date for both competitions is Friday 5th December.

27th October

All members present. We welcomed new members from Year 6 and Year 3 to the meeting and discussed what usually takes place.

We reminded ourselves of the questions we had devised for the school children to answer during Anti-Bullying Week.

All Ambassadors took the quiz themselves to see if we knew all the answers. Then we discussed each answer and why if anyone was unsure of anything.

Ambassadors to feedback to the children and teachers about the quiz and when it will be taking place.

21st July

All members present.

Talked about the E-Safety Karaoke competition that was last Friday.

We watched the videos again and voted for the winner. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 23rd July in assembly.

7th July

Meeting cancelled due to staff meeting.

21st April

All members of the committee present.

Discussed getting to know more about what children at Moss Park do online – we decided to write a survey and put it online so that children could fill it out.

Discussed questions that could go in the survey –

Do you talk to people you don’t know?
Do you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Children to think about more questions before the next meeting.

Monday 7th April

All members present.

The Committee looked at the sanctions that are currently in place in the school policy.

Discussed what happens if children purposely go on something that they should not.

Procedure is as follows:

– Class teacher to be identified immediately.

– Child to be removed from the computer.

– Child to be taken to Mrs Stallman and incident discussed.

– Issue to be dealt with accordingly, by Mrs. Stallman.

– All issues to be logged in the E-Safety incidents log, held by Mrs. Stallman.


Monday 24th March

Apologies – Mr. Hope

– Discussed literature around school for E-safety

– Children decided more was needed on display

– Made posters that include IC-Terry to go on display around school

– Introduced ‘Hector the dolphin’ to the children and also the rectangle button next to the clock on the screen. If children ever see anything that they shouldn’t, or upsets them, they are to click on to this button and put their hand up immediately to tell a teacher.


Monday 10th March

All members present.

– Looked at slogans
– Favourites were 13 and 16 but they were very specific and it was felt that they should be more general to all aspects of e-safety.
– The slogan will be on the e-safety board and the letters
– Number 9 was decided upon as the winner
– Doing a Questionnaire to find out about facts specific to MPJS.
– eg, questions – What devices do you have at home?
– What aged games do you play?
– Do you have a mobile phone?
– Do you go on any social websites?
– What do you do if you see something you shouldn’t see?
– Have you ever experienced cyber bullying by someone you don’t know?
– How often do you change your password?
– Are you parents in charge of your account or are you?

Members of the school council are to decide upon questions and prepare them ready to send out to pupils of MPJS.

Monday 24th February

All members present. Mr. Hope, Mr. Read and Miss Higson included.

Recapped the aim of the mascot competition and what we needed it to include.

Looked at all the entries to the competition – over 45 of them!

Chose our favourite and most suitable mascot through voting.

The winner will be announced this Friday after Year 5’s Class Assembly!

Monday 10th February

No members absent

Follow up of competitions and how it is going.

Discussion for what to do on Safer Internet Day -11th February

Game for safer internet day

Safe online

Don’t friend someone you don’t know

Game with good things and bad things

Design a game on purple mash,make it yourself or paint

Friend request

Personal details


Chat box you have to answer

How to report CEOP

Get a question wrong stay in the same place

See if school have e-safety walk for posters

Small photocopies of winning mascot in every classroom

Audit of e-safety posters and things around school. Results showed that more was needed in each classroom to show help fore safety situations. Board outside Mrs Stallman’s room is clear and provides children with useful information. This could maybe be updated to show the new E-safety Ambassadors now?

20th January Meeting Minutes

Absent – Amy

How can we raise the profile of E-safety around our school?

Making ourselves known by creating a competition to make people know how important E-safety.

– Ideas

– Winning slogan

– Posters

– E – safety comic

– Design your own computer and how to avoid viruses

– Design a quiz

– Mascot ( name of a mascot )

– Write a poem.

Try to get it done by next meeting.
Think of other mascots to look like the famous ones like from the Olympics.

Separate competition with a slogan
Also competition with a mascot.

Enter competitions on the E-Safety blog, enter as many times as you want to.
Whole school competition only one winner out of all who enter.

Everybody have a blog day to play on the games.
Make sure the slogans have something to do with keeping safe on the internet.

Save quiz for safer internet day
Make rules for the competitions and success criteria with deadlines.

Make more E-Safety posters, to be done on a later date.
Make every class have a display in E-Safety

Start date for competition is 27th January Start judging -4th February
Deadline 7th of February.